Located in Vascellino di Nibbiano, Alta Val Tidone (Piacenza, Italy) providing services and support to all Group Companies for sales, marketing, purchasing, expediting, customers services, QA, certification, accounting and co-ordination of packing and distribution from the warehouse located in Castel San Giovanni (Piacenza - Italy).

NIBBIANO - Alta Val Tidone, Piacenza, Italy - Area (sqm)

Open: 10,000
Covered: 3,000
Total area: 13,000

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Allied International S.R.L. – Sede legale / Registered office: Località Vascellino di Nibbiano, 29031 Alta Val Tidone (Piacenza), Italy
Capitale sociale / Paid capital € 650.000,00 i.v. – REA PC 150342 – IVA / VAT No. IT 01294450331
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